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Harriete Estel Berman -

Hi everyone-
today I'd like to publish the interview with Harriete Estel Berman- She is an inspiration to me personally with her incredible craftsmanship and design aesthetic as well as her amazing commitment and generosity in teaching the business of our craft- Anyone interested in upping their business skills would do themselves a favor by enrolling in what I call"the Berman school"- Harriete's Blog on business practices for craftspeople "ask Harriete"
here is her interview- enjoy!

Harriete Estel Berman

How would you describe what you do as an artist?
ANSWER: I construct everything from jewelry to large sculpture with recycled materials. And all of my work includes social commentary about our material culture and consumer society.

what inspires your designs? ANSWER: I am inspired by the recycled materials and the thought-provoking commentary on advertising and social issues. This is a study and examination of our material culture.

how long have you been involved in this type of making? (how did you start?)
ANSWER: I’ve been making exhibition quality work since 1980. I started with an undergraduate degree in metals in 1974 from Syracuse University and received a graduate degree from Tyler School of Art in 1980.

where are you located?ANSWER: I live in San Mateo, California near San Francisco, but originally I was from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

do you have a website or etsy/artfire/1000market etc store? (list url here)
MY WEBSITE:  http://www.harriete-estel-berman.info/home.html
Etsy http://www.harrieteestelberman.etsy.com

what other ways do you market your work?(shows, galleries, stores)
ANSWER: In addition to the shows and exhibitions that include my work, I also participate on Crafthaus and other social networking sites. I love all the opportunities presented on line such as with Facebook,and Flickr to reach out to a new audience.

This is all in addition to the work on the Professional Guidelines, [ http://www.harriete-estel-berman.info/profguidelines/profguide.html ]
a column that I write for the local Metal Arts Guild, my blog (ASK Harriete), [http://www.askharriete.typepad.com] and the Professional Development Seminar at the SNAG Conferences.

do you teach? if so, where-  ANSWER: Occasionally I lecture and give workshops on professional development for artists and craftspeople. The only teaching that I do is as an Artist Mentor one on one.

My blog, ASK Harriete, offers free professional and business advice to the Arts and Crafts community. Check it out at: http://www.askharriete.typepad.com

any advice for newcomers that you would like to share?
ANSWER: Be prepared, work hard, share with your community (e.g. “pay it forward”) and make the work that is at your core…not what you think people will buy.

where do you envision your work going in the next year? (artistic or business direction)
ANSWER: I am completing the California Collection [ http://www.harriete-estel-berman.info/jewelry/imagesNEW/ca.html] which I have been working on for two years.
Also I plan to finish a ton of other half-completed projects….which might take about six months. Your readers will see all my new work as I publish it on my web site, Facebook, Crafthaus and Flickr. Then I am diving deep into an entirely NEW gigantic project for a major Judaica piece.

anything else you would like to share? ANSWER: Stay tuned for publicity about the upcoming Professional Development Seminar in Houston (March 2010). I will also be doing Portfolio Reviews at the SNAG Conference (the Portfolio Reviews at the Conference are free).

(favorite techniques? any good jokes? you can even put your flickr/twitter/blog links here too)
ANSWER: People can also see more work or connect with me on these sites. I look forward to getting to know all of you on line.

Twitter http://twitter.com/harrietee
Objectfetish http://www.objectfetish.com/jewelry/harriete-berman-v-52.html
Crafthaus http://crafthaus.ning.com/profile/HarrieteEstelBerman
Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/harriete-estel-berman/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/harriete.estel.berman
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/harrieteestelberman

Thanks Harriete! it's been great to get to know you- ciao-M

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