Wednesday, December 9, 2009

James Miller- London Goldsmith extraordinaire

Today I have the pleasure of posting this interview with James Miller- He is a master of piercing and hand craftsmanship-  Museum quality craftsmanship ! The images of his work speak for themselves.

James Miller FIPG ( Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths).

How would you describe what you do as an artist?
I am a traditionally trained bench working goldsmith, I served an official Goldsmith's Hall, indentured apprenticeship at a major London Goldsmiths and Silversmiths company in London, England. The term of my probationary period and apprenticeship lasted nearly six years and finished on my 21st birthday.

what inspires your designs?
The style of Karl Faberge and the Art nouveau period.

how long have you been involved in this type of making?
Including my apprenticeship a total of 48 years.

where are you located?
London, England.

do you have a website ?
No website, my work has mainly been sold through Asprey, Garrard and Kutchinsky, both in London and New York.

what other ways do you market your work?
Most of my work has been commissions from designs, by myself and others.

do you teach? if so, where-
I do not teach, in the UK teachers need qualifications from a recognised college. I have never attended a college as I learned my trade from the workshop.

any advice for newcomers that you would like to share?
Learn and perfect the basics such as engraving, saw piercing, filing and hammering. All else will follow naturally.

where do you envision your work going in the next year? (artistic or business direction)
I am close to retirement at the age of 63. I have compiled a book of my unique items of manufacture, which has now been published and available worldwide on Amazon. It is titled "The Work of a Master Goldsmith;A Unique Collection" .

anything else you would like to share? (favorite techniques? any good jokes? you can even put your flickr/twitter/blog links here too)
I enjoy sharing any information that may be useful to learners in my trade, mainly on the Ganoksin Orchid forum.

Thanks Jim for contributing your interview- It's great to be able to get to know you and your work through Metalsmiths Unite!, Ganoksin and Facebook
ciao-Maureen BZ

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  1. What a pleasure to see such craft in this day and age of shortcuts and inattention- Magical
    New student of the art of being a goldsmith- Meryl