Wednesday, November 25, 2009

you might be a metalsmith if....

this is from a post I had on my profile a couple of days ago....
feel free to chime in your answers in the comments section! 

You may be a Metalsmith if..........

Maureen Brusa Zappellini
you kind of like the smell of liver of sulfur
Carolyn Shepard Miller
you have dreams of flaring out a spinner ring
you picture your lungs and brain coated with silver and gold
Maureen Brusa Zappellini
the nastier your fingers look the happier you are (cause it means you have had bench time)
Carolyn Shepard Miller
a little bit of drill dust is mighty tasty on the sammich!
Beverly Gloyd
you could envision spending every penny on tools and metal!
Pam Chott
You have a drill "tattoo" on at least one finger.
Your husband (or wife) suspects you're having an affair with your bench.
You'd rather shop for stones than clothes.
Shannon Conrad
The smell of machine oil is a turn on.
You can't remember what your hands looked like with fingernails.
You've ever said, "Just one more {fill in the blank} and I'll be done for the day."
Erkki Kokko
...if you #%@&¤#@% like a pirate, when you break the sawblade just when you are almost there, on the end of piercing...
Bill Roberts
lol.... if a lady with a hammer turns you on.. ;)
Erkki Kokko
...the scrapyards dog won't bark at YOU!
Maureen Brusa Zappellini
you have a difficult time putting a negative connotation on the word "tool"
Tamra Gentry
you'll sell a kidney for the perfect stone.
Maureen Brusa Zappellini'd set your kidney stones! lol

Daniel Spirer
you ask your wife to send your body to the refiner when you die...
because you know there's some value in there.

Victoria Lansford
If when you have money you by metal and stones and if there is any leftover you buy food and clothes.

any more? :-)

happy thanksgiving!- MBZ


  1. You are tired from a long night at the bench so you splash water on your face after you borax and soap your hands to remove metal slivers,but you wake up in the morning and you have metal shavings on your pillow and in your bed from your hair :)

  2. per "metalsmitten" on twitter---metalsmitten
    ..... if it confuses you when people start talking about pickle like it's a food.

  3. You cant wait for all this "holiday crap" to be over so you can get back to your bench! :D

  4. you sleep with a notebook by your bed
    are prone to spontaneous meltdowns during soldering jobs
    would rather be at your bench than socializing

  5. You don't realize you have a black smudge on your face till after you have run all those errands in town.

  6. they know you in the local hardware store as "that chick that buys hammers, pliers, copper sheets, random washers, and copper pipes, but isn't a roofer or plumber or anything like that"

  7. they know you in the local used hardware store as well as "that chick that buys hammers, pliers, copper sheets, random washers, and copper pipes, but isn't a roofer or plumber or anything like that"

  8. you could use up a box of band aids for your fingers in one day, no problem

  9. don't charge enough from your works!

  10. ..and they know you at the welding supply as "that chick that exchanges tanks that isn't a welder"

  11. ... you've ever filed a broken fingernail with a #3 swiss barrette file....

  12. You need to hang a picture and you wont use any of your hammers because you polished the faces!

  13. Your the only one of your friends who has never had a manicure.

  14. Squeezing that lemon into your Corona suddenly makes you realize you have quite a few hand "issues".

  15. ouch! how about--- you use super glue regularly to mend your fingertips..(above the protests of my husband, who thinks I need to just take a few days of...HA!)

  16. ...your idea of a manicure is tin snips and a riffler file :)