Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just an Update

Just an FYI-
After 6 years of working to keep the Metalsmiths Unite group a positive and fun place for metalsmiths new and experienced, I needed to stop and take care of myself (I suffer from Chronic Pain), so I shut MU down in December 2014.

It was a difficult decision, but the right thing to do- not only so that I could have more time to recover my health, but also to put a stop to the constant bickering that had infected the group.
The community needed to have a fresh start, so one of my friends in MU helped me take the group off of Facebook entirely.

No regrets, it was fun while it lasted- I've met so many good people through the online metals community, and continue to read many posts in the groups that remain (such as the Coffee house and Advanced Goldsmithing to name a couple) And I am enjoying the right to lurk!

thanks for reading- Please check out my personal blog "Maureen BZ metal mom blog" to keep in touch, salutations and comments always welcome!
ciao- M

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