Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mimi Favre ~ Artist Interview

A big thank you today, to Mimi for sharing with us in today's Artist Interview :)

How would you describe what you do as an artist?

Primarily, I make one of a kind and limited production fine jewelry. Color relationships interest me so I try to find unusual stones and pearls to use in my work. I prefer to work in gold and platinum although I do love the color of pink and green gold, oxidized silver, bronze and copper and sometimes combine them in a piece. 
Classic Quatrefoil Earring in two sizes and in several color combinations. All 18K gold with tourmalines and sapphires (green, blue and pink). Oxidized silver and 18K gold with yellow beryl and mali garnets.
©Mimi Favre


What inspires your designs?

I keep a sketchbook for all of the random designs that pop into my head! I’m an avid gardener so I do like to adapt floral forms in wax. I have a large collection of seashells, pods and various organic 'shapes'. I take lots of photos. I buy natural colored pearls and stones that I like and prefer to design around them.

 Dogwood Ring
©Mimi Favre


How long have you been involved in this type of making?

The metalsmith spark was ignited when, as a young teenager, I visited Historic Williamsburg, Virginia and was mesmerized by the 'colonial silversmiths' who were making beautiful objects. I decided that I wanted to study metalsmithing in college even though I had not had any instruction and therefore no portfolio. I enrolled at RIT as an Art major then transferred the following year into the Metals program. However, once I completed my BFA in what was then The School for American Craftsman, I realized that I wanted to apply my design skills to fine jewelry. I moved to New York City where I worked for German master jewelers for six years and later worked at Carvin French which is a highly specialized fine jewelry trade shop. For more than twenty years I have worked on my own while also raising a family.

Where are you located? 

I have lived outside of Philadelphia for most of my life. This region of Pennsylvania has a rich history of Horticulture evidenced by numerous public and private gardens where we enjoy four distinct seasons.

Botanical Group. Embossed bracelet 18K gold. Ginkgo Earrings in 18K gold (available on Etsy ) and Embossed 18K Fern pendant on handmade 18K chain.
©Mimi Favre

Do you have a website or etsy store? 

Website: http://www.MimiFavre.com
Blog- Studio Jeweler: http://mimifavre.blogspot.com/ 
Etsy- FavreBijoux http://www.etsy.com/shop/FavreBijoux
CustomMade website- http://www.custommade.com/by/mimi-favre-studio

What other ways do you market your work? 

 I have sold work in several galleries in the past however with rising gold prices and most Galleries wanting only to consign, I am concentrating my efforts on the Internet with shops on ETSY and CustomMade. I do a few selective local trunk shows and custom work. 

Recent design. Group of Pyramid Earrings. 18K yellow and pink gold with natural colored 11mm pearls. Yellow and white South Sea and Gray/Blue Tahitian pearls.
©Mimi Favre


Any sage advice for newcomers that you would like to share?

I don't consider myself a Sage but here goes.....Seek out good teachers to learn proper technique. There are no shortcuts to good craftsmanship- only practice. Use the best materials that you can afford. Make what you love and follow your own design instincts. Don't underestimate your talent nor undervalue your work. Never compromise your integrity.

Where do you envision your work going in the next year?

I'm thinking about working on a bigger scale and doing some decorative objects. I plan to learn 3Design. 

Anything else?

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/MimiFavreStudio
Twitter @favrebijoux

Geometric Briolet Earrings
©Mimi Favre


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