Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Roses- John and Corliss Rose

Today we present the interview from John and Corliss Rose-I'm looking forward to meeting them in person at the Yuma Symposium later in February (if you have never been to the symposium you are missing out on a great event...check it out- a wonderful lineup of lectures every year- that , and there's the kitchy wackiness of Yuma itself) 

OK- so here's the interview with "2 Roses"


How would you describe what you do as an artist?
Unbridled experimentation. We are driven by “what if” in terms of cross-pollinating metalsmithing technique and jewelry design with materials and methods taken from other disciplines. This had resulted in an extremely eclectic catalog of work as we continue to collaborate with each other and many individuals and companies in and outside of the art/jewelry world.

- What inspires your designs?

Our inspirations are as eclectic as our art. Nature & Biology, Ancient Civilizations, Industrial design, Arms and Armour, Anime, Mechanical movements, Optics, Stage Magic, and Psychology are just a few of the pools we swim in.

- How long have you been involved in this type of making? (how did you start?)

We have both been working artists from childhood. Corliss started working in the arts at age 8. John was a late bloomer, apprenticing at age 12. We have been collaborating for 41 years.

Big Sylph Brooch 01
Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, Industrial Neoprene Cord, Shell, Pearl, Opals

- where are you located?
 We are located in Anaheim California, directly across the street from Disneyland.

-do you have a website or etsy/artfire/1000market etc store?

- what other ways do you market your work?(shows, galleries, stores)
We sell primarily through galleries & museums, but we also do select retail craft shows throughout the year as well as selling on-line. Much of our work is commissioned.

- do you teach? if so, where-
We have been involved in teaching the business side of art for many decades. We have been guest lecturers and held seminars at colleges in almost every State in the Union as well as the National University of Mexico and the University of Buenos Aries, Argentina.

- any advice for newcomers that you would like to share?
Get out from behind the bench and get involved in your industry. This is so important for artists at any stage of their career. This is typically the first step in building the contacts to learn how to sell your work.

- where do you envision your work going in the next year? (artistic or business direction)
We are starting to focus more on public advocacy for the arts. This is leading us towards efforts to organize the arts industry much as other business sectors have done long ago. It is clear to us that political action is required to re-establish the arts as an important part of the American educational system and a valued component of American society.

anything else you would like to share? (favorite techniques? any good jokes? you can even put your flickr/twitter/blog links here too)
A lawyer, a doctor and an art jeweler all win a million dollars in the lottery and are interviewed on the evening news.

“What will you do with your winnings?”, the news anchor asks.

The lawyer replies, “I’m going to buy a huge house and a sports car”.

The doctor responds with “I’ll write a big check to charity and take my family on a vacation”.

The art jeweler thinks it over for a moment and says, “I’ll just keep doing craft shows until the money runs out”.

LOL- thanks for a great interview- (see you at the Yuma Symposium!)
ciao- Maureen

ps- as many of you know it is Tucson Gem show time- I will be running around to some of the shows, taking pics,  meeting some of the Metalsmiths unite members, and running myself ragged..:-)
I'll do my best to keep posting on the FB wall, and hopefully will be able to also get a few blog posts in about the happenings around town-
Any Metalsmiths Unite members who would like to contribute to this blog please feel free to contact me - I'd be happy to have some fresh input!
thanks + happy smithing!
ciao- Maureen BZ

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